We all know that the foods and drinks we consume influence the way our skin behaves. Today, we share with you ways in which eating healthier and more nutritious foods can have an extremely beneficial impact on your complexion's health and look.

Top tips to achieve glowing skin:

Tip 1:

Eat colourfully! The general rule is that the more colourful an item of food is, the richer it is in flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in foods such as blueberries and citrus, and are powerful antioxidants that can help reverse the signs of ageing. They also help soothe skin, and fight against facial redness.

Tip 2:

Suffer from chapped lips? Eat eggs and fortified cereals to ensure you obtain sufficient Vitamin B12. Also, make sure to drink enough water to keep hydrated throughout the day!

Tip 3:

Did you know that puffy eyes are a sign of dehydration! Swap your morning coffee for a bottle of water. You can also eat figs and plums to help reduce inflammation around your face.

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