A Little About Us


At The Juice Lab we like to keep things natural.

From the fruit we pick fresh from the tree, to our rich blend of herbs, we've carefully designed a range that, not only tastes incredible, but is also good for you!  

With a 5-Star Health Rating, we take the finest ingredients that nature has to offer and press them fresh straight into a bottle.

Here at The Juice Lab we are passionate about offering premium-quality, products that contain absolutely no added sugar, no concentrates, and no artificial colours or preservatives.

The Juice Lab team calls Victoria home. We proudly source most our produce from Australian farms. We only import ingredients that are not available locally (for example, our raspberries come from The Netherlands, and our coconut water from Thailand). 

Our products are available nation-wide at Coles & Woolworths,  as well as select cafes, restaurants and independent supermarkets.

Nothing beats the taste of nature.

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